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Matilda's Own Wool/Poly Wadding


Matilda's Own

Wool/Polyester Wadding 2.4m

Art. M100-240

Batting sold by the 1/2 metre ie 1 unit = .5m

Wool/Polyester Wadding

60% Wool, 40% Polyester



Machine washable

Permanently Moth Proofed

Anti-bacterially Treated

2.5% Residual Shrinkage

Rolled on a tube

Medium Loft




To ensure that your batting lasts as long as

your project, please take the best of care when

washing. This batting is machine washable.

Matilda recommends washing with “Qwash”,

Matilda’s Own quilt fabric wash with a purpose

built wash formula, or a suitable pH-neutral,

low phosphate fabric wash.

• Residual shrinkage is 2.5%.