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Gütermann Extra Strong 100m

Gütermann Extra Strong 100m

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Gütermann Extra Strong Thread

100M 100% Polyester Thread, For Upholstery, Jeans, wherever a strong thread is required

Gütermann Extra Strong No. 40 (DTEX 750[2]) M782
Particularly heavy and strong sewing threads are used for decorative seams and heavy-duty seams. Decorative seams are an important style feature in fashion: they highlight the contours and make a fashionable statement.

Gütermann creativ Extra Strong is the right thread for all seams that are put under strain.

This thread is also ideally suited to repairing and sewing denim.

  • For all heavily-stressed seams
  • Ideal for the sewing of jeans material (also in special jeans stitching color No. 448)
  • Specially suitable for rugged repair work
  • For heavy woven fabrics, leather and canvas covers
  • Especially tear-resistant
  • Elastic and soft
  • Stitchable with thin needle for material protection
  • Recommended needle and needle thickness: Universal Needle NM 70 - 100


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