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Green Bell Scissors

Green Bell Scissors

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Takumi/Green Bell Professional Scissors

High quality tailoring scissors.

  • Weight : 254g
  • Size : 27.1 x 11.2 x 3.5 cm
  • Size : M
  • Material: blade section stainless steel blade steel, with bi-zuburasuto/handle Zinc alloy, nickel plated.
  • The goodness of Japanese tradition in modern times … Green Bell “Takumi no Saku” series, professional “cutting scissors” Sharp sharpness that can cut thick denim quickly! The palm is formed by die-casting method and the blade is stainless steel blade Using steel, the blade body is given a uniform metal structure by vacuum quenching, and finished by skiving the back of the blade and delicate cutting. Because it is a two-body knife made of different materials, it achieves extremely well-balanced, quiet and smooth sharpness. The final blade and adjustment is a high-grade gem finished by a skilled specialist by hand.

Art. KI-G5150

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