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Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR)

Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR)

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The perfect foot for free-motion quilting with a controlled stitch length on all materials. The BSR reacts to the movement of the fabric and controls the speed of the motion sewing. The set stitch length is maintained irrespective of the movement of the fabric, resulting in absolutely even stitch formation.

For models:

B4: 430, 440QE, B555, B570 QE, 630
• B5: 530, 550 QE
• D1: B710
• D2: B750QE, B780
• Ea2: B720
• Ea3: B740
• Ea4: B770 QE, B790, B790PLUS
• Eb2: B535
• Eb3: B540
• Eb4: B570QE, B590
• Ec2: B475QE, B485
• Ec3: B480
• F1: B820QE
• F2: B830, B880, B880 PLUS

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