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It’s time to enspire your sewing experience with a Baby Lock Enspire. The easy to use Enspire is a high quality, dependable performance Overlocker with tensions, it will give you many years of sewing pleasure. With the Jet-Air threading for the loopers, built-in needle threader and 6mm presser foot height your overlocking stitches will be perfect on any type of fabric.


Enspire – Four Thread Overlocking with adjustable tensions.

An improved Self-Threading (Jet-Air) System on the Enspire now delivers easier looper threading engagement and a 6mm presser foot height which makes Overlocking on thicker fabrics a breeze. 

The machine can be threaded in any sequence, allowing change of any one thread without re-threading other loopers or needles The Enspire also features built in a needle threader, full range differential feed, micro-matic twin cam tension system and 2 LED lights.


Enspire New Model Features:


  • Improved Jet Air Threading – with easier looper threader engagement – press button, turn the hand-wheel to close tubes, push the lever and a jet of air blows the thread through the loopers.
  • Micro-matic twin cam tension system
  • Presser Foot Height 6mm – allows you to easily work with thicker fabrics
  • Lighting System with 2 LED Lights – brighter workspace
  • Sewing Speed up to 1500 stitches per minute
  • Built-in Needle Threader
  • Tubular loopers which prevent thread tangling
  • Vertical needle system – minimizes needle deflection
  • True 2 to 1 ratio differential feed – ranging from 0.6 to 2
  • Overlock with 2, 3, or 4 threads
  • Automatic rolled hem stitch – with the turn of a dial, for a professional finish
  • Flatlock stitch functions for seaming and decorative effects
  • Adjustable stitch width – ranging from 1.5mm to 7.5mm
  • Adjustable stitch length – 0.75mm to 4mm
  • Lock down blade system - can be used as a fabric guide when engaged
  • Heavy duty cutting system – cuts thick fabrics with ease
  • Exclusive Fabric Support System – Keeps stitches flat and balanced, no matter what speed, fabric or stitch you choose
  • Snap on grooved foot including ribbon and tape guide
  • Built-in thread cutter
  • Built-in accessory storage
  • Needle system HAx1SP  #11/75 #14/90
  • Machine Weight 7.5kg
  • 5 Year Conditional Warranty, Parts and Labour
  • Made in Japan – Quality and Durability

Baby Lock Comparison Chart for Combination Machines PDF