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Matilda's own Fray-Stopper BRUSH PEN


Matilda's Own Fray Stopper Brush Pen

This handy tool is perfect if you sew with lots of buttons, ribbons or embroidery because it stops the edges from fraying either while sewing or over time with use. Simply wipe the brush tip over the edge of your ribbons or cut fabrics to stop the edges from unraveling while you try to start sewing. This handy packet also includes one refill

Below is a list of possible uses for this brush pen:

- Prevent fraying in areas such as button holes or easily frayed fabrics where they have been cut
- Treat the edges where ribbon or lace was cut as well as embroidery
- Prevents lock stitches at the beginning and end of machine sewn threads from coming undone
- Reinforces areas in clothing that have begun to fray
- Prevents things like bows from coming undone

You can also use an empty pen with other handy liquids such as starch (for turning edges and pressing when making mylar shapes) or water (to remove water erasable marks from fabric).

Art. K19-535