• Brother NV6700D

Brother NV6700D

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In the Quattro 6700D, Brother has crowned 100 years of sewing excellence with its most advanced machine yet. For sewing enthusiasts, its the perfect workmate, giving you ultimate scope to apply your creative ideas with the most technically complete and user-friendly machine you can buy.

There are so many wonderful benefits and tools to discover right from the start:An ultra fast processing speed to let you find, edit and preview your designs quicker than ever before

A new natural lighting system to show your projects in their true bright colours, all across the sewing area

An expansive workspace, plus an embroidery arm

Quattro 6700D Continuous Automatic Pressure Sensor (ICAPS) which continuously detects the fabric thicknesses while sewing, and automatically adjusts the presser foot pressure for beautiful, precise, even stitching throughout your project.

You'll be amazed by what the Quattro 6700D offers in new features, many to make your work as easy and pleasurable as possible, and others which will transform the way you think about sewing itself, such as Print and Stitch and wider crafting capabilities.